Application Testing

Functional Testing

Using functional testing on all classic test levels to check your software thoroughly and eliminate errors early in the design and development stage. This means that you can benefit from our years of experience of preparing, running and managing functional tests.

Acceptance Testing

Our UAT testing service will give you the confidence that the web portal or mobile app you deployed is in the alignment of your business goals and ensures the success of your web or mobile app. 

Performance Testing

 provides both stability and responsiveness benefits that will assist end-user adoption and contribute to the success of a system by finding bottlenecks in your systems and determine if a given system meets your performance requirements.

Security Testing

This approach most accurately identifies which areas of code need to be strengthened to deliver a high level of security assurance. We help our customers to reduce the risk if release as we can engage from the project initiation or at the acceptance level.

Usability Testing

Usability testing can help in discovering potential bugs and potholes in the system which generally are not visible to developers and even escape the other type of testing. 
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